Baby Registry Checklist: The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate baby registry checklist is the list of must-haves for soon-to-be parents preparing for their new baby. Your list is the foundation of your preparation and is usually the first thing Mama’s start on when they find out their pregnant.

baby registry checklist
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Congratulations, btw! I hope the best for you in the next couple weeks with your pregnancy and the years to come while raising your new bundle of joy.

Where To Use Your Baby Registry Checklist

If you haven’t started your baby registry, now is a great time. I went through every company and made a registry just so I could get familiar with all the different brands out there. Well, and the free items they offer. But ultimately, Amazon had the best deals for a baby registry. You can SIGN UP HERE for an Amazon Baby Registry. Be sure to learn all the hacks to make the most of your baby registry and know everything they offer, like their 365-day return policy!

Amazon Baby Registry Hacks

You can get some of these items for just the price of shipping by using the code HOUSEFREE. Get the full list of websites in Free Baby Items.

These items are everything you may come to need in baby’s first year, some in the second year, like when it comes down to potty training. 




  • Coming home outfit 
  • Pacifiers (Get customs pacifiers HERE just for the price of shipping, use code HOUSEFREE.)
  • Socks & hats 
  • Onesies (Don’t buy a lot in one size, they grow quickly and will be out of one size in just a few weeks.) 
  • Footed pants 
  • Sleep sacks 
  • Swaddling blankets 
  • Sling, infant carrier, or wrap (Get slings HERE just for the price of shipping, use code HOUSEFREE.)
  • Baby Detergent (Anything that is dye-free and fragrance-free works. It does not have to say baby on it. Dreft is the most common, but sometimes the high baby 


  • Bottles (Even if you plan to breastfeed it’s a good idea to have a few bottles on hand.) 
  • Bottle sterilizer and warmer 
  • Burp cloths (Plain pre-fold diapers work AMAZING. They are super absorbent and you can find some cute ones on Etsy.) 
  • Bibs 
  • Bottle brush 
  • High chair 
  • Plates, utensils 
  • Sippy cups 


  • Breast pads (Get some HERE just for the price of shipping, use code HOUSEFREE.)
  • Nipple cream ointment 
  • Nursing pillow (Get one HERE just for the price of shipping, use code HOUSEFREE.)
  • Breast milk storage containers 
  • Breast pump (Do NOT buy a breast pump. A lot of insurances will cover a pump, if not you can rent one from the hospital. I recommend getting a hand pump for emergencies though.) 
  • Nursing wrap/cover (Get one HERE just for the price of shipping, use code HOUSEFREE.)



*Every baby is different; this is just an overall list of common items needed in the first year. My baby may be used the bouncer twice, but loved the swing. It’s a good idea to have the items and not need them rather than need them and not have them down the road. 

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