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Baby Registry Hacks: Get The Most Out Of Your Registry

Baby Registries can be so much fun! I enjoyed looking at all the different things I would get to use and pick out for my little one.

If you haven’t done a baby registry before this is the list of reminders for everything you may need for baby and gives gift ideas for people wanting to buy your newborn a gift! After going through every store registry to get all the freebies I have narrowed down the best and all the baby registry hacks you need to use.

When I found out I was pregnant I went a little crazy with the registries, I’m not going to lie. There are so many different products and ideas out there that it’s hard to know what’s best.

As a new Mom, I wanted the best of everything for my child but realized very quickly that those things add up and I have not won the lottery, yet. I gotta start playing first…

I started several registries at different locations to get all the free goodies they offered, but the one I couldn’t have done without was my Amazon registry. Make the most out of your money with these Amazon baby registry hacks.

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Baby Registry Hacks

Free Welcome Box

Amazon Baby registers get a FREE welcome box. There are rules to get this box.

Tip: Use your 30-day free trial to check this off the list. Use it to also complete your registry list to get the 15% off.

  • Make a $10 purchase

Tip: This purchase can either be made by you or a gifter, but must be off the registry.

  • Complete the Checklist

Tip: If you can’t find anything to put on your registry for that category you can mark it as complete.

The rules are easy, but to make the most of everything don’t jump on it immediately. Wait until it gets closer to your baby’s due date. The $10 purchase may be covered by a gifter and if you use the Amazon free trial use it to finish off your registry closer to babies due date. You’ll see why with the completion discount.

FREE Parenting Ebook

After you’ve had your registry for 1 week. You’ll have a FREE select parenting Ebook show up in your Exclusive Offers section. They didn’t have this when I made my registry. I hope it’s filled with awesome parenting tips, like How To Not Get Peed On, but hey, free is free. I’ll take whatever I can get.

Diaper Discount

After you’ve had $500+ in products purchased from your Baby Registry you’ll get a discount on diapers. This baby registry hack is awesome and is easy to achieve if this is your only registry. With the diaper discount, you get 20% off eligible diaper purchases in your baby’s first year.

I shopped around for our diapers. I always went with Luv’s for several reasons, but I definitely would have ordered them from Amazon every time had I known about this. I hope you can pair this with their subscribe and save discount and get EVEN MORE off! I suggest emailing and asking them if they don’t let you do this automatically.

Completion Discount

Amazon offers a completion discount for everything remaining on your list 60 days prior to the arrival date you have on your registry. You get 10 percent off of everything remaining on your registry. Prime members get 15 percent off!

(This is what I was talking about earlier. If you’re not a prime member use this within that 60 day period to take advantage of the 15 percent off completion discount. Mama hack for the win!)

Tip: Add things you want to buy after the shower to your registry and then turn around and buy them off your registry to get the percentage off.

You’re eligible for this discount 60 days prior to the arrival date you’ve indicated on your registry and at least 14 days after your registry was created. The completion discount can be redeemed by the primary registrant only. If the primary registrant is not a Prime member and the Co-Registrant is a Prime member, consider creating an Amazon Household to share Prime benefits, including access to the 15% completion discount.

365 Day Returns

With your registry, you get a full 365 days to return most items purchased from your registry. This is awesome for all those items you thought you might use but didn’t. I wish I could’ve returned several items that I thought I would use but didn’t!

Group Gifting

This is so awesome, I wish they had this too when I had my registry. Group gifting is exactly what it sounds like. It allows multiple people to put money towards a gift for something bigger, like a crib or Angel Care Baby Monitor.

Universal Registry

Universal Registry allows you to add any item from any site to your Amazon Baby Registry- even Etsy!

After looking back on my registry and being a Mom for over a year there are a lot of things I would change. But starting out it’s hard to know what your child will like or not like.

The baby swing was the only thing allowing me to take a shower in the morning, where I could’ve saved money on a bouncer because Baby R maybe used it 3 times.

The pack-n-play got a lot of use as a bassinet when we first brought Baby R home but was never actually used as a pack-n-play.

I ended up with 4 different brands of bottles, but only 1 was a good fit. I also breastfed for about 8 months and there are several things I wish I had done differently there, but that was a job in itself. Check out Breastfeeding Items For Success to be on the right track.

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