Uses For Baby Wipes: More Than Butts

Uses for baby wipes go way beyond just cleaning baby bums. I really thought that’s all they were good for when I had my first child. Fast-forward 2 years later and I now have an open package in every room. Did you know you can use baby wipes for just about anything?!

Baby wipes are probably the best invention since, well, ever. They’re so versatile and just when I think I’ve used it for everything I end up grabbing another one for something else. You can find them just about anywhere and they don’t contain harmful chemicals that could harm you or your baby. It’s a win, win! So, what are you waiting for? Dive into all these baby wipe uses!

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Uses For Baby Wipes:

  1. Washing fruit when on the go or if your kid is like mine and won’t let me get them out of the store before eating them.
  2. Makeup remover
  3. Wiping a runny nose. They’re easier on noses than rough tissues.
  4. Wiping down the table before a meal.
  5. And after a meal.
  6. Wiping down highchairs in restaurants.
  7. Getting bird poop or large bugs off your windshield.
  8. Wiping down the toilet.
  9. Cleaning swings at the park.
  10. Wiping down counters.
  11. Cleaning the pacifier after baby drops it.
  12. Removing crayon off all surfaces.
  13. Cleaning skinned up knees or mild injuries.
  14. Use them to freshen up your armpits if you forgot deodorant.
  15. Wiping down leather furniture.
  16. Dusting furniture.
  17. Wiping up spit-up.
  18. Great for mild stains on the carpet.
  19. Quick clean-up of kid’s car seats.
  20. Wiping off your tablet, smart-phone, or laptop
  21. Cleaning the dashboard of your car.
  22. Wiping hands and faces before mealtime.
  23. Removing food from kid’s hair.
  24. Cleaning out your pet’s ears.
  25. Wiping down doorknobs. Good to do around flu season!
  26. Cleaning handprints off windows.
  27. Getting permanent marker off kids skin, face included.
  28. Easily removing face paint
  29. Remove hair dye stains from your skin.
  30. Removing pen or pencil marks from just about any surface.
  31. Wiping down the cart handle at the grocery store.
  32. Clean up dirty shoes
  33. Remove deodorant marks from clothes!
  34. They work great at removing grease stains from hands/skin.
  35. Cleaning off makeup containers and lotion bottles.
  36. Keep an extra pack in your purse for hot and humid days. Grab one to wipe down your face and neck to refresh yourself.
  37. Get the dust off of house plants
  38. Clean hairspray off of surfaces
  39. Wipe feet clean after being barefoot.
  40. Clean your pet’s feet after they’ve been outside.
  41. Wipe down toys every once in a while or when they get messy
  42. Cleaning white boards and chalk boards.
  43. Clean up after arts and crafts
  44. Cleans up paint pretty easily
  45. Wipe up spills
  46. If they dry out, keep them to use as napkins in the car for spills
  47. Booger catcher
  48. They take just about anything off of microfiber
  49. Wipe down the cat to remove excess hair
  50. Cleaning eyeglasses
  51. Wipe your dog’s butt… it’s possible.
  52. Cleaning fan blades
  53. Yoga mat cleaner
  54. Tame flyaway hairs
  55. Moisten envelope seals
  56. Use in place of Swiffer pads
  57. Clean make-up brushes
  58. Make your own hemorrhoid wipes. Use a package of wipes that contain aloe and add 1/2 cup of witch hazel!
  59. Shine leather
  60. Cleaning up sticky messes from candy

Stock up on baby wipes because you’ll be going through more than you could imagine in the first couple of years. Even after your toddler is potty trained you’ll be buying them for all the uses they are great for other than baby butts. What else can you use baby wipes for?

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