The Best Flea Products For Dogs

There are so many flea products out there that you really need to know what the best flea products are for dogs. I’ve seen so many knock-off products and so many burn reactions that it scares me to think of someone buying off the grocery store shelves.

So were going to discuss how you know if your pet has fleas and what to get from a reliable source. Although, your vet is the best place to go.

All dogs have fleas.

-unknown crazy person

Seems kind of silly to start out with, right?

Some people believe that dogs are supposed to have fleas, that it just comes with having a dog.

These people are wrong.

My dogs don’t have fleas. None of my animals do. I keep flea/tick products on them year round though, because it doesn’t get cold enough in Kentucky to kill fleas.

Plus they’re indoor, so fleas aren’t going to die in a 70 degree house.

Fleas must be miserable to live with. They crawl on the skin and they live in the hair, so you can imagine how miserable it must be to itch all the time. Let’s get rid of them.

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The best flea products are those that are guaranteed or those you get from your Veterinarian, but it is ultimately what works for your pet too. Pets that have seizures can not have the chewable preventatives. Whatever product you decide to use just remember to use it consistently and long enough to kill the entire flea cycle.

First thing!

How to tell if your pet has fleas?

Itching is a big sign.

If you flip their hair up and see little black spots move, you’ve prolly got fleas. Common areas for fleas to hang out on your pet include behind their ears, the base of their tail, and their belly.

You may also see little black/brown bugs crawling through their coat on the thin areas of the inside of their legs.

Red water

A definite way to tell is if you give them a bath and the little brown specks turn red under water. Red water means you’re dealing with fleas. Without giving them a bath, you can comb out some of those brown specks and put them on a paper towel. If you apply water to the paper towel and the brown specks turn red, then you have flea poop.

The little brown specks that turn red in water is actually flea feces, digested blood from biting your pet.

Yuck! Gross right?

Flea Life Cycle

A flea infestation can be fatal for your pet. So, what do we do about it? We kill the ENTIRE flea life cycle.

Flea eggs need around 2 days to 2 weeks to hatch. Inside houses, they generally live for 2 to 3 days before the larvae come out.

They also need the right conditions to do it. Moist and warm environments have eggs hatching faster than ones deposited in cold dry places.

Flea eggs can stay dormant for 180 days.

These are the little boogers we want to make sure we don’t forget about and end up with an infestation again.


Dawn dishwashing liquid is everyone’s go to to kill fleas. Yes, it will kill them, but– there are several but’s here…

But, you have to start your soap lather at the tip of the tail, toes and face (without getting in eyes, ears or mouth) and work your lather in. If you start in the middle and work your way out, they will survive by going to the tips where you can’t smother them with soap.

But, Dawn really dries out your pet’s skin. If you’re planning on applying a topical product, you’ll have to wait atleast 24 hours for the oils to be back on the skin. That’s how the topical works, through the oils on the skin. Without the oil, the product won’t cover the body properly.

But, any product you are using on your pet already will be stripped off.

Shew, that’s a lot of but’s. You may be better off just giving a Capstar -mentioned later on.

While we’ve mentioned about products you might already be using, let me add that if you are using a good product (recommended by a Vet or Licensed Tech- hey! That’s me!) and you are still seeing fleas…

Flea/tick products will not make fleas explode!

I feel so much better getting that out there.

You see, the flea has to bite your pet in order to die. There are products that make them have seizures, make them sterile, or repel them. None make them just disappear.

So, if you’re still seeing fleas, the product is doing what it can, you just have to let the flea life cycle run it’s course.

Products differ from dogs and cats. Make sure to not use dog products on cats, as they can be toxic and can kill your cat.

Also make sure to get the correct size so you’re not overdosing your pet. My links go to a product, but it may not be the correct size for your pet.

Please make changes to suit your pet.

The Best Flea Products For Dogs:

Please note it is always best to go to your Veterinarian for products. Some products you find on grocery shelves are diluted or have chemicals not listed on the box and can do harm to your pet.


Nexgard– Dog only- must have prescription through Veterinarian

Comfortis– Must have prescription through Vet

Bravecto– Dog only and lasts 3 MONTHS!



best flea products for dogs
best flea products for dogs


Bravecto– Must have Prescription through Vet



best flea products for dogs

Seresto Collar – My favorite for several reasons. It lasts 8 months so I don’t have to remember to give my pets something every couple months. I don’t have to worry if they have a reaction to it, because I can just take it off of them rather than worry because they have ingested it. Did I mention it lasts 8 months! So you’re getting continual protection through that entire time and don’t have to keep thinking about the little buggers!

Other items to consider:

best flea products for dogs

Capstar -This item only lasts 24 hours. They will kill everything on the pet, but remember our goal is to kill all eggs when they hatch. So they are awesome to start with and kill everything, but you’ll need a product that will continue to kill as the eggs hatch.

Frontline Spray – Good for puppies/kittens under the weight range of other products. Spray on a towel and rub on pet, do not spray directly onto under age pet, as it can be toxic.

disclosure for more info. Thank you.

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