Binge-Worthy Netflix Series

Getting up every 3 hours in the middle of the night can be exhausting. Who am I kidding, it IS exhausting! Especially when you’re breastfeeding and you’re the only one getting up. I’ve complied a list of 10 Binge-worthy Netflix Series to watch while Breastfeeding.

Being a first time Mom I was scared to fall asleep. I was so worried something was going to happen. I believed anything and everything could go wrong! Like my child suffocate in my boob if I feel asleep.

There was a real fear there! I read an article where the sling wraps weren’t a good idea to carry babies in, because they could suffocate against a breast. Because Mom’s were SO tired and not paying attention. Ugh!

I didn’t buy one for fear that I would forget my child for half a second and would suffocate. #NewMomWorrier #NotWarrior

After 2 weeks in with my new bundle of joy I was dozing off and I didn’t like it so I took to watching Netflix during feeding times. The light was just enough from the TV that I could see to change my baby, get situated, and feed without waking baby up completely. Then I also had an interesting show to do everything in that 30 to 40 minute show.

Until I got hooked on the show.

Sometimes I would stay up and watch another episode because I wanted to see what happened. #TeamNoSleep

I got to where I was looking forward to night time feedings because I could watch my show that my husband wasn’t interest in. So, here’s my list.

10 Binge-worthy Netflix Series:

Jane the Virgin



The Vampire Diaries

Sons of Anarchy



Grey’s Anatomy

New Girl


Get your binge on girl! It’s better to have something to think about while you’re up with a baby all night than thinking about the lack of sleep you’re getting. You can also get the best Middle Of The Night Game Changers to get you into your show quicker or just getting you and baby back to sleep. However you want to look at it.

What other binge worthy seasons have you gotten into? Let’s share them!


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