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Blog traffic is a major step in making a profit with your blog. After you get your blog started up with my STEP-BY-STEP TO START A PROFITABLE BLOG, your next step is making sure you reach all of the audience you can and advertise like crazy.

I get it, you’re just now starting out and you don’t want to put money a lot of money into this just yet.

You want to make sure it’s going to be completely worth the price, right?

Well if you want to jump right into things, here’s a free 30 days in the Tailwind App. Tailwind has done amazing things for my blog and will do the same for yours!

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When you start a blog you want people to see it and in order for people to see it, you need to advertise. Your free advertisers are Pinterest and Facebook. Well, except you can pay for advertisements if you want.

Pinterest has turned into a search engine like Google and Bing, but with a bunch of pictures. You can scroll through thousands of results on Pinterest in just a few minutes instead of scrolling through about 10 results on Google and then having to wait for the next page to load.

Now- you can pay to advertise on Pinterest, but we’re broke at this point with just starting up and I didn’t even want to pay for my website, but I wanted to be legit, so I did. Reason 4,687 on Getting Started With Bluehost.

My Experience With Boosting Traffic

I started my blog a year ago and thought Tailwind was a waste because I could pin I own stuff. I had also heard some other fellow bloggers complain that it was making their Pinterest Page flag as spam.

Yikes! That’s not what we want just starting out.

I gave the FREE 30 days a try and saw my traffic jump immensely, but wasn’t really convinced, so I just dropped it and pinned on Pinterest as much as I could.

Which worked! My traffic jumped to 250K viewers, but not like what happened when I convinced myself to give Tailwind another shot.

To freely advertise on Pinterest you need the Tailwind App. It lets you load all your pins into a queue and pin around the clock so that more people see your blog posts.

During your free 30 days, Tailwind posts on Pinterest for you and even tells you when you get your most traffic. For those 30 days, you get 100 pins posted.

I spaced mine out for longer than the 30 days, because I wasn’t sure if Tailwind was legit or not and I wish I hadn’t. My Pinterest traffic jumped from 24K viewers to 150k viewers and when I stopped using it for a week, my traffic dropped to 98k then to 86k viewers.

During that time my blog traffic jumped to 300 website viewers while I was using the Tailwind App and when I stopped- I was looking at about 40 viewers a day.

I knew I needed to continue using Tailwind in the back of my mind. I tried manually pinning to get the same effects, but trying to be a Mom and work just wasn’t allowing that to happen.

It really did make a change in my blog traffic and I even had affiliate purchases. I believe if I had continued using it and used it to its full potential I would be 100 times farther then I am now.

Get started with your free 30 days and see if it makes a difference for you!

Why would I want to pin around the clock?

I wondered this. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just pin when I was able to and enough people see it. Then I realized the sun is always up somewhere around the world during that 24 hours and people are constantly on the internet. So you want your pin at the top of the Pinterest page when those people are on and can see your post. The reason why you need Tailwind.

What else does Tailwind do?

  • Monitors your pins and their activity over time
  • Tell you your best times to pin and when you have the most viewers
  • Monitors your website
  • Knows what posts your followers are enjoying the most
  • Connects to your Instagram

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your 30 day trial at Tailwind App and see what it can do for you.

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  • Deon Christie

    Outstanding post, Tish. Well done! Getting traffic is by far the most difficult part of blogging. Besides SEO that is, considering the growing competition. I’m also familiar with TailWind although I do find a higher bounce rate with Pinterest traffic.

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