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Breastfeeding Items For Success

When I decided I was going to attempt breastfeeding, I wanted to know everything. I wanted to be prepared. I got on Pinterest (of course) and read everything I could. What I needed, how to get your milk to come in, anything, and everything I came across. I got together all the items that would make my life easier for breastfeeding because I needed to know I wasn’t going to fail. These breastfeeding items for success will get you on the right track to feeding your baby. They will help you succeed and make your life easier whether you are a stay at home Mom or a working Mom that is always on the go.

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I had it in my head that I was going to pump twice a day, and bottle feed my baby what I pumped and never have to worry about actually putting my baby to my breast. Ha…ha… What a big joke that turned out to be. I failed at my own goal. But! I did manage to be successful at breastfeeding for the first 7 months. Then he decided

Everything I read went out the window when my baby boy got here. After all the work I had just put in with labor there was no way I was going to double my work by pumping then feeding.

Two things I worried about:

  • Is my baby getting enough?
  • How am I going to get ahead with my milk storage if my baby is drinking it all?

I started looking on Pinterest and all these posts came up of how to go from a 1/2 ounce of milk to 5 oz IN A DAY.

Let me tell you what I know now…


You would have to drink 5 gallons of water, pop supplements, drink 10 kinds of herbal tea, pump continuously till your nipples blow out and still continue to take care of a baby. On top of all that, your baby can’t go from an ounce every 2-3 hours to 5 ounces overnight. Do NOT let that discourage you. Do NOT let those articles make you think it’s impossible.

Here’s the truth.

  • 1. Drink water. Milk is 80% water and you need to stay hydrated, so get a good water bottle and use it.
  • 2. Supply and demand. If your baby is needing more, your body will supply it. You just need to make it easy and help by pumping.
  • 3. If you don’t take care of yourself, it will hurt and it will suck.

I’m sharing with you what I used. I never went from a 1/2 ounce to 5oz overnight, but I have been successful with breastfeeding and don’t want you to worry as much as I did.

Well…you’re a new mom and you’re going to worry. So I’ll just tell you what eased my mind.

Breastfeeding Items For Success

Your BFF will be Lansinoh Lanolin
It’s safe for baby and will keep your nipples from cracking and bleeding. If they start itching or seem painful, use it. I used several different samples and this was my favorite. It was thick and didn’t turn oily from my body heat.

breastfeeding items for success

Lansinoh Therapearls
Heating them up will allow faster milk letdown. Cooling them will help slow down your milk when you stop breastfeeding. They also help if you have any pain.

breastfeeding items for success

Mother’s Milk Tea
One cup of this and you will have all kinds of milk flow. My son would go through a growth spurt every couple weeks it seemed like and I would turn to the Tea. After a couple of hours, I would have to pump in between feedings to keep from leaking. It gives you that next step to keep that baby well fed.

Get a comfortable nursing bra.
Anything with a wire support would never work for me. I could never get the cup to flip down or get it out of the way comfortably for me and my baby. The more flexibility in a bra the better.

breastfeeding items for success

An Electric Pump
The Medela Pump In-style was amazing, but sometimes I wish I had a manual pump. To get your milk to come in faster you can pump 5-10 minutes after your baby eats and in between feedings. Again, Supply and Demand. If your body thinks you need to produce more milk then it will do so.

Fun Tips:

  • While pumping think of your baby crying, look at pictures of your baby or play videos. When your baby is hungry and starts crying, your body releases milk. Looking at pictures will release that let-down.
  • Massage your breasts while pumping. It helps get things moving and empties those milk ducts. You literally want to squeeze that milk out. It will also speed up that pumping time.

Other Breastfeeding Items to consider:

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You’re doing a great job, Mama! Keep up the good work! Do you have your registry started? Check out Baby Registry Hacks to make the most of your baby registry experience!

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