Camping With Dogs: Items And Tips

Have you ever wanted to go camping with dogs but don’t know where to start? Maybe take your best friend with you camping or to the lake? We’re going to talk about items and tips to take your dog camping. Whether it be in a tent or in a camper we’ll have you fully prepared to take your best friend on your adventure!

Where To Go

Before you take your dog with you on the road, check and make sure they can accommodate your furry friend. Some campgrounds have fenced in areas to let your dog run with other dogs and some even have kennels. A kennel option makes if easier if you want to make plans for something they can’t go and do.

The website BringFido allows you to check ahead for campgrounds, hotels, and even restaurants that are pet friendly.

Protect Your Pup

Going camping with dogs means being outdoors. Outdoors means bugs and when it comes to our dogs we want to protect them from both internal and external parasites.

External parasites like fleas and ticks can easily be managed with a flea/tick preventative. There are options of topicals, chewables, or even collars that will protect your pet. The best flea products for dogs will discuss the different options so you can decide what is best for you.

Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes. And the farther South you go, the worse they become. A heart worm preventative will protect your dog and deworm them once a month from intestinal parasites.

Intestinal parasites can be picked up from many possibilities. These include but are not limited to digging, other dogs, and wildlife. Talk with your Veterinarian, your heartworm prevention may contain a dewormer, or you can deworm your pet as recommended for your area.

Vaccines are essential to camping with dogs as they protect your pet from getting various diseases. These diseases can be found in areas containing wildlife and open bodies of water. Vaccines also protect your pet against tick-borne diseases that they can pick up from a tick bite and diseases that can be transmitted from other dogs that have been through the area.

What to Pack

Whether you want to stay local or decide to go across country, having your pup protected plays a big role. It may be a little more work to make sure they are accommodated and to make some plans around them, but the outcome has some big rewards. These items can make things a lot easier for your trip. Check them out!

Other Items To Consider

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