Gifts For Cats: Toys For Their Inner Kitten

“You say it’s your birthday! DUN, dun, DUN, Dun, dun, DUN!” You could probably get your cat a can of cat food and they would be ecstatic. But if they’re like mine, a can of cat food isn’t going to cut it. Gifts for cats; here’s what they really have on their lists.

Gifts For Cats: Toys For Their Inner Kitten

Of course, you can always grab the little toys with little bells in them on the grocery store shelf, but if your cats are like mine they’ll lose them under the dresser or under the bed in an hour.

Gifts for cats should be those that stimulate their minds and get them active. I’ve compiled some selections of things that will stimulate them and get them moving, but we also have various treats, play places, and outdoor toys for indoor cats to get outside!

Grooming toys make them feel good and get them to release pheromones. Pheromones are released around their face making them comfortable and feel comfortable.


Cat Self Groomer, Wall Corner Massage Comb,Cat Corner Groomer Brush with Catnip,Perfect Massager Tool for Cats with Long and Short Fur- Grey(2PCS)

gifts for cats

Furminator Undercoat deShedding Tool for M/L Cats – Short Hair

PETMAKER Self Grooming Cat Arch- Bristle Ring Brush and Carpet Base Groomer, Massager, Scratcher for Controlling Shedding, Healthy Fur and Claws gifts for cats Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center gifts for cats

Sun Bathing Fun Gifts For Cats

ZALALOVA Cat Window Perch, Cat Window Seat Bed Hammock Space Saving Design with 1Pc Funny Cat Toys Suction Cups Cat Shelves All Around 360° Sunbath Holds Up to 50lbs for Any Cat Size

gifts for cats
PetFusion Ultimate Cat Window Climbing Perch 45” Tall (Tree Sisal Scratching Posts, Modern Design Simply Suctions to Window. (Easy to Assemble) 1 Year Warranty for Manufacturer Defects (PF-WP1) gifts for cats


MIBOTE 29Pcs Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments, Cat Tunnel Feather Teaser Wand Fish Fluffy Mouse Mice Balls and Bells Toys for Cat Puppy Kitty with Storage Bag

gifts for cats

Cat’s Meow- Motorized Wand Cat Toy, Automatic 30 Minute Shut Off, 3 Speed Settings, The Toy Your Cat Can’t Resist

gifts for cats

M JJYPET Rechargeable Cat Laser Pointer,3 in 1 Red Laser Pointer,Interactive Cat Dog Training Tool

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats

gifts for cats

Large Cat Dog Tunnel Bed with Washable Cushion-Big Tube Playground Toys Plush 6 FT Diameter Longer Crinkle Collapsible 3 Way,Gift for Small Medium Large Kitten Puppy Rabbit Ferret Outdoor Navy Blue

Petty Love House Cat Activity Center with Hanging Toy Balls, Mice More – Helps Cats Get Exercise Stay Active Best Cat Toys on Amazon

gifts for cats

Ethical Products 20 Piece Spot Colorful Springs Wide

Cat Amazing – Best Cat Toy Ever! Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats

gifts for cats

Outdoor Fun Gifts For Cats

Outback Jack Kitty Compound Cat Playhouse

gifts for cats
Petsfit Outdoor Cat House Weatherproof,Sturdy and Cute for Play and Hide gifts for cats JAXPETY Cat Wooden House Small Animal Outdoor Pen Cage Dog Cat Play Enclosure

Gifts For Cats: Treats

Laxanip For Cats, 3 oz. Tube by Butler

FELINE GREENIES Dental Natural Cat Treats Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor, 11 oz. Tub

Legendog Cat Slow Feeder Cat Food Ball Mice Tumbler Shaped Pet Treat Ball Cat Food Toy Ball Pet Food Ball (White)

gifts for cats

I hope you found something to help entertain your cat. I know my cats have had all kinds of fun with these items. If your cat gets bored easily, I suggest alternating the toys. Make a few disappear for a while then switch them out. Alternating toys have helped with my two boys whenever they start aggravating me because they’re bored.

The outdoor cat playhouse is a MUST HAVE for those strictly indoor kitties that take an interest in the outdoors. My boys love jumping after the bugs that land on it! Let me know how some of these items work for your cats!

If you have a “fat cat” that doesn’t want to do anything but eat, it’s time to get them up and moving before we end up with health problems. Let’s talk about what may work to get your kitty excited about things other than food!

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Gifts For Cats: Toys For Their Inner Kitten
Gifts For Cats: Toys For Their Inner Kitten

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