Keep A Clean Litter Box: Control Tracking & Scatter

The worst thing about cats is having to clean the litter box. It was an ongoing battle for 2 years to figure out how to have a clean litter box area and how to control the cat litter tracking and scattering. But I finally figured it out!

If you read The Best Cat Litter For Your Cat then you’ll understand my reference to a Porta-John. If you didn’t, then you’ll pick it up pretty quickly. Just think of your cat’s box like a porta-john for people.

We’re going to make this the most luxurious Porta-Potty for your cat. Why not? They’re going to be using it every day for the rest of their lives, we need it to be nice.

Well, and to keep litter tracking down to a minimum. A minimum of zero.

After many attempts to keep my cats happy and my sanity clear of cat litter I finally come up with something that works.

I was really considering sticking the box in my utility closet and putting a pet door in the door. (You can still do this!)

Keep A Clean Litter Box: Control Tracking & Scatter #litter #catbox #catlitter #litterbox #petcleanup #cleaningwithpets
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Keep A Clean Litter Box: Control Tracking & Scatter #litter #catbox #catlitter #litterbox #petcleanup #cleaningwithpets

I Hid The Litter Box

The first thing I did to clean up my litter box area was hide it. In my mind, if it was more boxed in then it would be harder for them to drag it out everywhere.

I had this idea because when just trying the litter mat the cats would jump over it. No seriously, they would walk across it to get in the litter box, but then I would watch them completely jump over it to get out. Thus, scattering litter everywhere and kicking it up over the side of the box and the mat would catch the few little pieces that would get lost in the air.

There are these amazing furniture pieces that keep the area open for cats, but make them take a corner or have a hole just big enough for them to walk through so they can’t jump out.

Whoever invented this, you are my people.

clean litter box clean litter box

I Found The Biggest Litter Mitt

I mean catching mitt, no- catching mat, no- litter mat. Shew, you get what I mean! You can’t go wrong with a large litter catching mat. Well, you can if you were me and put the largest litter mat you could find down thinking they wouldn’t just jump over it.

Now that I have my amazing litter box furniture, my litter mat is a dream. It catches all the stuff that doesn’t come off in the litter box furniture hallway.

clean litter box

You can get creative when it comes to a clean litter box area and minimizing the tracking and scattering of litter. Just remember that no matter how far you go, you will still have to clean the cat’s porta-potty every couple days.

Other Creative Ideas To Consider:

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