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How To Not Get Peed On Diapering Boys!

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I never saw myself as a boy Mom. But boy is it fun! Becoming an expert on how to NOT get peed on was probably the easiest part.

Just kidding.

I wasn’t prepared to be the type of boy Mom I am now. It would be easy to say it came naturally, but it didn’t. It was forced. More and more every day. I am totally convinced going into our second year that we will have visited the ER at least 3 times by his fifth birthday.

However! Through all of this, I did become an expert on how NOT to get peed on. With only 1 incident of being peed on in the hundreds, if not thousands of diaper changes here’s how not to get peed on in 3 simple steps.

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1st Tip to prevent your baby from peeing on you- Diaper Sideways

I found it a lot easier to stand on the side of the changing table than at the end. You’re also taking yourself out of the direct line of fire if the baby decides to pee. Diapering from the side of the changing table instead of the end allows you to use your left hand to hold baby boy’s feet and use your right hand for quick diapering and wiping.
It also gives you more elbow room!

2. Prepare

Before you even start to undo that wet/dirty diaper go ahead and open a fresh diaper and place it under baby boy’s bum as if you were placing it to go on him. This makes things quicker for when you pull that dirty diaper out, you’re not taking the time to open and place it underneath because it’s already there!

3. Cover

All the little washcloths you get at your baby shower have an entirely new purpose. As soon as you lift that wet/dirty diaper up, cover baby boy with a washcloth so we don’t have any sprinklers. 

That’s it! 3 easy steps to not get peed on. If I can do it, so can you. If this is your first child, it will be a breeze to start doing things this way. Motherhood is hard and I just want to share my tips with you in hopes you have less pee to clean up. Good luck!

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