DIY Wagon Wheel Wreath: Rustic Style

I couldn’t tell you how many times I have walked into Michael’s and fallen in love with their wreaths only to have sticker shock from the price. When did wreaths become so expensive!

Okay, so I understand there’s a lot that goes into a wreath and all the fabric and items can add up quickly. So, that’s why we’re going to make our own DIY Wagon Wheel Wreath.

This simple wagon wheel wreath will give your home that country chic feel without costing an arm and a leg.

DIY Rustic Wagon Wheel Wreath
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Wagon Wheel Wreath Item List:

DIY Wagon Wheel Wreath Steps:

Lay wheel out flat

Lay your wheel out flat on a large area so you can see how it will sit up on the wall. A table or the floor will give you enough working space. You don’t want to have to juggle the wheel while trying to put flowers on and see that it’s not how you imagined it up on the wall.

DIY Wagon Wheel Wreath #rustic #rustichomedecor #homedecor #diy #diydecor #diywreath #farmhousestyle

Place flowers where you would like to see them on the wheel and bend as needed

Sit the flowers on your DIY wagon wheel wreath where you imagine them on the wall. Don’t worry about them being too specific. If you want them up more on the wheel or down towards the base after you’ve attached them, we can always adjust this before applying our hook on the back.

Feel free to cut the stems of the flowers how you see fit.

Glue flowers together with a hot glue gun.

Once you’ve got the flowers in the right arrangement, use the glue gun to glue certain areas together. Start at the bases of the flowers and use a dab of glue to hold them together to what you think looks good.

Using floral wire wrap around the wheel and twist a couple of times

Take about a foot of wire and we’re going to put it behind the wheel halfway along the wire. Place it where the wire will be sitting around a spindle or around the wheel resting on a spindle. This will keep our flower arrangement from sliding.

Twist the wire around the wood a couple of times. It should be tight so it can’t move up and down the wagon wheel.

DIY Wagon Wheel Wreath #rustic #rustichomedecor #homedecor #diy #diydecor #diywreath #farmhousestyle

Add the base of the flowers to wire twist

Place your flower arrangement on the wire twist and twist a few more times to hold them on there.

Make sure the wire is hidden and not showing through the flowers. You may have to slide the wire up through some of the flower bases to make the wire hidden.

Twist the wire together around the arrangement to hold the arrangement in place.

After flowers are secure, cut off any excess wire.

Adjust flowers to your liking and glue the flowers to hold in particular spots.

Hold up the wagon wheel to see how your flowers fall with gravity and add dabs of glue as needed tog et them to sit where you like them.

Make a bow

Use your burlap ribbon to make a bow how you like then we will glue this onto the flowers. I went simple with my bow, but you can look on Pinterest on how to make different bows without tieing them around something.

DIY Wagon Wheel Wreath #rustic #rustichomedecor #homedecor #diy #diydecor #diywreath #farmhousestyle

Picture where you want your bow to fall when the wheel is up on the wall. Do you want it to go with the wheel or have it up and down on its own so it looks straight?

It’s your wreath to make as you like!

Glue bow to flowers

Glue your bow to a thick stem or multiple stems so it doesn’t move when we go to hang it up.

DIY Wagon Wheel Wreath #rustic #rustichomedecor #homedecor #diy #diydecor #diywreath #farmhousestyle

Add hanging kit and mount to the wall

Using a sawtooth back you’ll want to attach it to the back of your wreath. Make sure the flowers are going to sit where you want them to before attaching the sawtooth mount.

DIY Wagon Wheel Wreath #rustic #rustichomedecor #homedecor #diy #diydecor #diywreath #farmhousestyle

Once you’ve placed your wall mount you can hang your gorgeous wreath and enjoy it!

**If wreath seems a little lopsided due to the flowers being heavy, you can use a command strip on the bottom to hold it centered.

DIY Wagon Wheel Wreath #rustic #rustichomedecor #homedecor #diy #diydecor #diywreath #farmhousestyle

Your DIY wagon wheel wreath can be made for your home or to give as a gift. Heck, you may even get creative with them and decide to sell them! These steps are to do with as you please. I hope you enjoy making your wreath, be proud of what you make.