Dog Diseases: The Pandemic And Your Dog

The World Health Organization determined today that dogs cannot get the COVID-19 Coronavirus. So, those that were held in quarantine are now being released. There is however a dog disease coronavirus.

Cats and cows have their own coronavirus too. Each species has its own Coronavirus specific to them. All with different symptoms than the COVID-19 Coronavirus we’re battling now.

With the uprising of the COVID-19 virus, I have received many questions regarding the coronavirus and their pets. I hope to help put your mind at ease at least with your pets. Know they are safe and cannot contract or spread the COVID-19 virus.

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Can dogs get COVID-19?

No, dogs cannot contract and spread the COVID-19 coronavirus. With it being species-specific, the COVID-19 virus can only be spread from human to human.

Same with cats, they’re safe. Although they do have their own strain of Coronavirus that has caused mutant strains of FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis).

What is the dog disease Coronavirus?

Canine Coronavirus is a highly infectious intestinal infection contracted by oral contact with infected fecal matter. The coronavirus is transmitted from crowding and unsanitary living conditions.

With it being a virus, there really isn’t a treatment for the virus itself. The symptoms are treated individually until the virus takes its course. Usually treating diarrhea and helping with dehydration and an antibiotic for secondary bacterial infections that may arise.

What about the Coronavirus vaccine for dogs?

There is a Coronavirus vaccine for dogs. Most combo vaccines that contain parvovirus, hepatitis, and parainfluenza usually contain the coronavirus too. It’s not recommended for all dogs and it is best to talk with your Veterinarian if you believe your dog needs it or to see if your pet has already had it.

Can I give myself the K9 Coronavirus vaccine?

Please, don’t.

The K9 Coronavirus vaccine is not similar to the COVID-19 virus. Giving yourself a Canine vaccine can cause serious reactions and have bad results and will not prevent you or your loved ones from getting the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Can my dog spread the COVID-19 virus?

The virus can get caught in their fur and become airborne when they shake or travel on their paws. They can spread the virus, but not by inhaling or ingesting the virus and becoming infected.

WHO let the dogs out and I hope I have relieved your concerns with COVID-19 and your dog. Leave me a comment on how you feel about the Coronavirus or any questions you may have!

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