Removing Dog Hair: Car Edition

Removing dog hair from my car used to be difficult. Working in a Vet’s office for 10 years means having several animals go back and forth with me to work. Last year I had everything from the neighbor’s cat needing to be spayed to a deer and groundhog.

Actually, this week it is a Mama and a litter of 9 puppies. I feel like I run a pet taxi some days.

My car has seen it all, but I don’t like it looking like that. I carry a Zoo around with me most of the time, so it sees a lot of fur. But, I do like it to be spotless when I have family or friends riding with me.

Cleaning vehicles with pets doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Here are my tips for pet owners for a clean and odor-free car.

How To Remove Dog Hair From The Car

I have two items I keep in my car to control the dog hair from the car. What I grab depends on what kind of hair it is and what surface it covers.

The detailer is my favorite as it pulls all different kinds of hair out of the carpet.

This particular lint roller catches the hair in a compartment. It pulls the hair off seats and clothes like a dream. With these two items stashed in the glove compartment, you’ll control dog hair from the car like a breeze.

Protect your leather from slobber and dirt

Leather can take a beating if kept strong. Keeping it conditioned will keep it in the best shape if you go to sell your vehicle.

Whether you chose a spray or gel, they both work great. This will help protect your leather from drying out from the drool. It will also protect it from dirty paws and dog nails.

Nose prints on windows

Nose prints are the most obvious sign that there has either been a dog or toddler in the car. Am I right?

That’s the first thing that is right in someone’s face when they sit in your car. They get in there, sit down, close the door, and BAM, smudge marks. Then may wonder if it’s a finger smudge or do they know you have pets? If so, then it’s a given.

Sometimes the nose smudges are so bold they make art, like little Pablo Picasso paintings.

Remove those beautiful works of art with an e-cloth.

These cloths keep you from using chemicals on your tint and leave your windows with a streak-free shine.

Minimize the shedding before cleaning vehicles with pets

I am a big fan of the FURminator. This comb pulls loose and damaged hair out of the coat. You can’t go wrong with their shampoo either.

Start combing frequently to pull all the hair out that is about to shed. After a few days, you’ll find yourself combing less and less. This happens as the hair follicles are healthy and aren’t about to fall out.

Thus, causing LESS SHEDDING!

Clean painted surfaces quickly

If your dog enjoys hanging their head out the window be sure to check for slobber on the paint. It doesn’t seem like much, but drool can do damage to your car’s paint job. Baby wipes are a simple solution instead of washing your car every time you stop.

Baby wipes won’t hurt your paint!

Check out other Baby Wipe Uses for more than just baby butts.

Neutralize odors

Odors in a car can be as minimal as the dog’s bad breath to a urine accident in the carpet. Either way, it stinks and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

For mild smells, like dog breath or a gassy pup, use an odor neutralizer. Or for something more consistent, an odor eliminator can be kept on hand or under seats.

For those stubborn smells in carpets and upholstery in your car, we need to penetrate the source of the smell. We need to go deep. Rocco & Roxie’s Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator is my go-to.

Activated charcoal bags are great to throw under seats or drop in your door panel pocket. These little bags continuously take care of odors. Like something more out in the open to tackle odors? There are activated charcoal bags that attach right to your headrest.


Of course vacuuming takes a big toll on hair and dirt. This compact vacuum plugs into a cigarette outlet so you can keep it stored in your car for quick clean-ups. I’m starting to think everyone with children needs one of these!

Bagotte Car Vacuum, 5KPA High Power Car Vacuum Cleaner, 12V 120W Portable Vacuum Cleaner with LED Light for Pet Hair Car Cleaning with Carry Bag

dog hair from car

Nowadays, we spend a lot of time in our vehicles. I try not to live in mine, but it’s becoming inevitable between traveling, kids and animals.

The numerous animals that go back in forth with me can take a toll on my car. But now I’m prepared for the few times I actually have humans with me! This is the Pet Owner’s Guide to a clean and odor-free vehicle.

Other Items To Consider:

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Check out Eliminating Pet Hair In The House for more ways to keep your area clean with pets!


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    Oh boy, do I need to introduce some of these methods. I’ve been coasting on just keeping the windows down, but I’m rapidly realising that this is not a viable long-term solution. Heh heh. Yikes.

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