Excited Puppy Pee: Why and How To Stop it

We’ve all been in that position where we walk in the door to be happily greeted by our dogs and then get hit with that dreaded excited puppy pee. Yeah, we’re still so excited to see them but now were sad because we have to clean up pee.

There are tricks to ending this excited puppy pee that we’ll discuss. It doesn’t involve scolding or punishing, but just a few small things from you that will end this unwanted peeing behavior.

Excited Puppy Pee: Why and How To Stop It

What is excited puppy pee?

Excited puppy peeing is a submissive behavior from a puppy where they get so excited and end up dribbling urine or fully peeing a puddle because they can’t hold their urine.

Why is my dog peeing when he gets excited?

They’re getting so excited that they can’t help themselves. As a puppy they don’t have total control over their bladder muscles yet, so if they get excited those bladder muscles are the first to give out. It’s like tickling someone who is very ticklish, at some point they’re going to pee themselves.

How do I stop my dog from excited puppy peeing?

You have to put in all the work. It’s you. Just kidding, you may have other people that come into your house and your dog gets excited about them too. But if they don’t get excited with other people, then yeah, it’s you.

If your dog does get excited when other people come to visit then you will have to let them know ahead of time.

Ignore them.

Yes, walk in the door and don’t pay attention to your dog. Until they can go out and relieve themselves we need to keep the excitement under wraps. After they pee then you can get excited to see them. It’s a lot easier to have control over an empty bladder than a full bladder.

Take them out to pee before you get excited

If they’ve been home a couple hours then they definitely have to pee. When you get excited then they get overly excited and they can’t help it.

No high-pitched voices

With excited puppy pee being a submissive behavior, it can be triggered by excitement or fear. So, your dog may be excited to see you, but those high-pitched voices can be scary.

The end of excited puppy pee

Our end goal is to help them get control of their bladder. If we stay calm for a couple of months they will get control of those bladder muscles. Furthermore, we can go back to being excited to see our pup when we walk through the door.

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