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Flu Prevention Tips: Immune System Backup

A healthy immune system can take a lot, but sometimes the Flu can get us down. With these flu prevention tips you’ll give your immune system the backup it needs to fight off the weary virus.

I’m not a paranoid parent. But I worry about my child like every mother– I don’t want to keep my child in a bubble– but I want to fight off all the germs as quickly as possible. I enjoy seeing my child strong and playful. Staying healthy during Flu season is my ultimate goal.

I hate going into the Doctor. I feel like you go in with two types of germs and come out with twelve. The worst morning is when you find your little one with a stuffy nose, cranky cry, and a nasty cough. So I’m going to give you the 411 on how to stay healthy in your home and not end up with the dreaded flu.

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Flu Prevention Tips

Drink lots of fluids and eat healthy

Drinking water flushes your system and keeps your organs functioning quickly. The more you put in the more that comes out. Eating healthy boosts the immune system naturally. Blueberries are a good fruit to snack on that are filled with antioxidants!

100% Grape Juice

100% grape juice changes the acidity in your stomach. With a baby in our household, I dilute the grape juice down so we don’t upset his stomach, but he still gets his share too.

Essential Oils

I don’t know if you’ve seen the meme going around Facebook that says, “Let your children believe in Santa, because you believe in Essential Oils.” It’s funny, cause I know people that have bought oils from Walmart and then wonder why they didn’t work. You have to get the real deal, here.

Oh! How I love my essential oils. I owe the person my life that introduced me to these lovely little vials! Last night was the third time this season that I thought, “If we’re not feeling better in the morning we’ll have to go see the Doctor.” Sure enough, we got up ready to rock with the sick feeling in the rear view, because I decided to turn the oils on.

You can also check out Essential Oils For Congestion to cleanse the air and help your family breathe at night.


Humidifiers have many benefits. Other than putting moisture into the air they keep dust and bacteria down. Get one that diffuses essential oils and it’s a win-win!

flu prevention tips

Wash your hands

Yeah, it’s a given. But an amazing place to start. Washing your hands with good soap fights bacteria and germs from the start. I always keep antibacterial hand wash clipped to our diaper bag in case we’re not able to wash our hands.

Think about it, after you’ve gone through the grocery, gotten gas, or even picked up a pen that’s not yours. All of the things you can touch throughout the day are touched by hundreds of other people that could be sick. Wash your hands for all the people that don’t wash theirs.


Getting a good night’s sleep allows your body to rest and fight off unwanted toxins in the body. The less sleep you get the body struggles and can’t fend for itself. Making sleep a priority can help both physically and emotionally.

 Clean with water

Yep, you read that right. Disinfecting helps as much as it hurts. Most household cleaners have to stay wet for a long period of time in order to kill germs. And usually, by the time you inhale it, it’s hurting your insides, thus damaging them to fight off outside germs. Learn more by reading I’m Throwing Out My Cleaning Supplies or check out my page on Cleaning With Water.

I find myself fortunate that we have made it through 3 solid years healthy and now a year with a baby and still haven’t been to the Doctor for being sick. Our cousin just recovered from a whole house flu and still didn’t have it all together for Christmas. I saw it as a challenge as they said, “No one has a fever, so we’re not contagious.”

Maybe that was why my little man wasn’t feeling his best last night, but we managed to keep it from getting worse. Flu prevention doesn’t have to be difficult and can actually be quite fun. Seeing what oils can go together and what the end smell ends up being is interesting, but then waking up after a good night’s sleep is amazing. Trust me!

Have any tricks of your own for keeping your family healthy? I would love to hear from you or any questions you may have!

Flu Prevention Tips:Immune System Backup #healthyfamily #sickness #preventsickness #healthandwellness #healthin2020 #fluseason #covid19 #corona
Flu Prevention Tips:Immune System Backup #healthyfamily #sickness #preventsickness #healthandwellness #healthin2020 #fluseason

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