About Me

Hey you! Welcome to my little web house. I’m glad you found me!

I’m Tish. An LVT, Wife, Mama, Photographer, Etsy Shop Owner, Blogger, and now Wildlife Rehabber. I started Babies&Fur House with the intent to help women raise children and pets.

I’ve been a Licensed Vet Tech and worked with all types of animals for over ten years now. We have two dogs, two cats, a horse and you never know what I’ll be bringing home next. Last month I was caring for 2 litters of opossums since we received our Wildlife Rescue Permit! So exciting not knowing what’s going to come in… and scary…

I received my first camera as a wedding present and started picking it up after Rhett was born. I took a few classes and fell in love with it. In 2019 I finally went public with it and now my weekends are spent with baby R or taking pictures.

I started my Etsy shop at the end of 2018. I adore being a boy mom. It is the best thing ever, but I believe in a past life I was a full out girl mom. I enjoy making tutus! That has grown to me making dog and Chicken tutus! Check me out, here. I’ll do whatever their little heart desires. Call me Fairy Godmother.

I’m so glad you’re here. What brought you here? Shoot me an email, let’s talk! I want to hear your story.