How To Get Through A Funeral With A Baby

If you’ve found yourself reading this, let me start off by saying I’m sorry for the loss of your loved one. It sucks and I hope you find comfort in the days ahead. Having to get through a funeral is tough. Having to get through a funeral with a baby is a whole another level.


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I just recently lost my Grandmother. God bless her soul. She was a strong, respectable woman and you did NOT call her anything other than Grandmother.

She would have pitched a fit if I showed up without my little man or left early from her funeral.

So, I managed to make it through several hours of visitation and a funeral the next day with a six-month-old on my hip in 2-inch heels, because that is what she would have wanted.

Sometimes you don’t have the option of family or friends to watch your kids. And sometimes we just want them with us.

I try to find advice for these types of things through Pinterest as I’m new at this thing called motherhood. Tackling a funeral was not one of those things I found a lot about, so here we are.

You CAN get through these next couple days. I believe in you. #SuperMom

Nobody’s perfect, but with these tips were gonna make this sh*t look easy and we’re gonna own it. You’re going to learn from my mistakes, because you’ve got enough going on and you need this to go smooth.

Here we go.

Is it okay to take a baby to a funeral?

While some may think it’s not a good idea to take a child to a funeral unless they are immediate family. I believe it is your ultimate decision.

Sometimes it is best to find a babysitter if you believe your child may be a disruption to the funeral. I find that it brings light to the situation to see a smiling, happy baby.

It is ultimately your decision to make based on the situation at hand.

What to pack

  • Silent toys- whether they’re grabbing or teething, bring they’re favorite toys that won’t make a lot of noise.
  • Formula/Milk- lots of fluids to keep them hydrated
  • Bottles- several, they may get placed somewhere, put juice in one/milk in the other
  • Diapers/Wipes- enough to get you through every day. You’re going to be exhausted and it’s going to be hard to remember to repack
  • Light Blanket- naps, if there’s a chill, or if they just need to get cozy
  • Change of clothes- accidents happen, we need to keep them looking good
  • Bib- to catch drool, food, etc
  • Snacks- if they’re eating foods, snacks keep them going.
  • Pacifier- if this is their thing, you might grab extras.
  • Something New- this can be a new toy, new pacifier, new cup, anything. Even as adults we like new, shiny things. So bringing something new will keep them distracted, save it as a secret weapon for when it’s really needed.

Stay on Schedule

The best thing you can do through all of this is stay on your baby’s schedule. Your child has a routine they are used to and if you get off track they’re going to get upset. Funerals are exhausting, stressful, emotional, and even if your child doesn’t know what is going on, they can pick up on your emotions. Stay on their schedule.

Allow help

If family offers some help, let them. It gives you a chance to take a break. Just make sure it’s someone you trust.

Funerals suck. My child just happened to be my strength to get me through those tough days. I hope you can do the same.

To get through a funeral with a baby is not an easy task, but with the right tools packed you can make it through. My 6-month-old decided to start chuckling during the sermon and I was mortified, but afterward, I received so many comments about how nice it was to hear during a sad situation.

Things To Consider To Get Through A Funeral With A Baby:

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