Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer: Genius Products

We’re in the dog days of Summer…and for cats too. Keep your pet cool this summer with these awesome products that keep your pet cool and we’ll talk about dog heatstroke signs.

Summer time is the time we get to take our pets camping and enjoy the warm weather with them. With summer comes the heat, and as easy as it is for us to keep cool, we need to remember how easy it is for our pets to over heat.

We also want to take them with us on vacation and as exciting as it may sound, sometimes we forget about the heat. Here are some tips to keep your pet cool this summer.

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Keep it cool

It can sound like a good idea to take your pet with you on the road, but there are things to think about. Make sure they’re included in all of your plans, so they don’t get left in the car.

During the Summer, your car can reach 120 degrees in a matter of minutes! That’s even in the shade with a window cracked.

Sometimes it’s best to leave them home where they can stay cool and relaxed if they can’t be with you at all times.

Cooling Mats are a great way for your pet to stay cool outdoors. These mats don’t need to be frozen or chilled and are activated by pressure. They can also be reused and helps with joint pain!

Keep them hydrated

If they’re able to come with you this summer, be sure to pack a water bowl and plenty of cool water. Amazon has collapsible water bowls or you can get a traveling water bottle just for your pet.

Giving your pets a nice cold drink of water often will ensure they don’t get dehydrated and stay cool while having fun!

Don’t forget the treats!

Just like we need snacks throughout the day, our pets do too. Keep treats on hand for a quick snack by using this Dog Treat Pouch. It also carries doggy waste bags and toys so you are hands free to throw a ball! So cool!

Ice cubes in a bowl can be a cool treat for pets too on a hot summer day. Just be careful of them chewing on them, as ice cubes are hard and can easily break teeth.

Dog Heatstroke Signs:

  • -Excessive panting
  • -Wobbliness, weakness or collapsing
  • -Bright red or blue gums
  • Trouble breathing

If your dog seems like they’re overheating, move them to a cool area and get them a drink. To cool them off quickly, you can soak their feet in rubbing alcohol to cool them down.

If they are unresponsive, contact your Veterinarian and get them there as soon as possible. Let them know it’s possibly heatstroke.

But don’t let that scare you from enjoying this summer with your pets. With these tips, you can keep them cool this summer and enjoy the heat! What a fun things are you planning with your pets this Summer?

Tips To Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer #summerfun #petfun #summerpet #summeractivities #petfun
Tips To Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer #summerfun #petfun #summerpet #summeractivities #petfun

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  • Chard Kim

    Thank you so much! We were planning on a road trip (especially since we’re so tired of staying at home now). And my doggie was coming with us. I was actually planning to leave him for a while in the car since I’ve seen people do it and assumed that it was okay. I also had no idea about what symptoms they show when overheated. It really proves how little we know about our pets… Now, thanks to this post, I know exactly how to not let anything happen to her from overheating. I’m determined to be more careful from now on. Also, this Dog treat pouch is ingenious. I love that it also has a dog waste pouch. It’s so convenient and looks cool too. Anyway, thanks so much. I’ll make sure my dog is well hydrated and comfortable.

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