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Money-Saving Apps For Moms

Money-saving apps were the first thing I looked into when I bought my own place and really started “adulting”. I knew I needed to maximize my money by saving every way I could.

I’ve been using these apps for over 2 years now and they save me at least $600 a year. That’s money I wouldn’t have if I didn’t use them and now cover Christmas with the rewards!

But you don’t have to use them for Christmas, most of them let you cash out after a small amount.

Money-Saving Apps. Get your money back on purchases you make.
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Money-Saving Apps

1. Honey

money saving apps

Save money without even trying! Okay, maybe a little bit of trying by downloading and getting started.

Honey applies every coupon it can find on something you’re looking at purchasing to get you the best deal. It even checks around for prices to make sure you’re getting the best thing for your money.

This is a must-have with Christmas gifts! Put them on a list and Honey will keep track of them and notify you when the price drops. What a win!

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2. Ibotta

money saving apps

Saves you from printing out coupons and forgetting them.

You scroll through and collect the coupons you want money back on. Then when you’re ready to collect the coupon money, redeem your receipts and cash out after $20.

Sign up with Ibotta today and get a $10 welcome bonus!

3. Paribus

money saving apps

Paribus works similarly to Earny’s money-saving app only it’s online. Sign up online and it finds out if stores owe you a refund.

It tracks your receipts and stores’ policies and determines if you could be owed money. If they find savings either through a price drop or late deliveries you get the difference.

It’s also 100% free and you get to keep 100% of the savings!

4. Checkout 51

money saving apps

Similar to Ibotta, but they only have a certain amount of coupons to give out.

So you have to collect them early to receive money back. Cash-out after $20 is collected.

5. App

It allows you to collect coupons in several ways. You can print coupons, collect like Ibotta, or have them saved to the business card (like Kroger or Dollar General, where the money is taken off at the register)

But after redeeming receipts through app, the money is applied directly through PayPal, no minimum!

6. Rakuten/Ebates

money saving apps

Ebates is now Rakuten. This money saving extension allows you to receive a percentage of your purchase back just by shopping through their site.

All you have to do is sign up and go through their site before buying online. They show you the percentage you’ll get back and receive a check at the end of every quarter.

I’ve gotten back over $150 since I started using it! All you have to do is remember it.

Sign up now and get $10 for making your first purchase


Dosh is the free cash back app that finds you money for shopping, dining out, and pumping gas at thousands of merchants and brands nationwide.
It’s not points. It’s not coupons. Just cold, hard cash.

8. Swagbucks

money saving apps

Swagbucks automatically applies the best promo code at checkout & it’s Free. You also earn points back on their website to use towards gift cards at your favorite places. That’s double the savings!

9. CoinOut

CoinOut is the easiest money-saving app to earn cash on your receipts. Receive cashback for shopping in-store and online through the CoinOut app.

I’m always on the search for money-saving apps. I’d love to hear what apps you use to save money!

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