Baby Items: Specific Needed Items

After a few weeks with my newborn, there were products I was so glad I had. They made my life easier and I could tell my baby enjoyed them too.

Other than the usual needs, such as diapers, wipes, lotions, soaps, clothes, etc. I’ve listed the products I found essential and that I got a lot of use out of.

Norwex Baby Washcloths

Super soft and gentle on skin, more absorbent and doesn’t have a smell after drying out. All my other infant washcloths turned into peepee covers to prevent accidents!

They weren’t big enough for my hands to be comfortable with and I felt like they were scratchy. So I got a set of Norwex Washcloths and absolutely love them.

You can get a pack of three on Amazon.


For the first couple of weeks, I wanted my baby close while I slept.

Instead of spending money on a bassinet that I knew he would grow out of in a short period of time, I used our pack-n-play.

We’re still using it for naps and he’s used to sleeping in it when I take it camping with us.

baby items

Boppy Pillow

If you plan on breastfeeding, this thing is a lifesaver.

It gets continual use as your baby grows. You can prop them up while sleeping, helps with propping them up during tummy time, and supports your infant while breastfeeding.

You’ll get your money’s worth out of this one.

Blooming Bath Baby Bath

The flower perfect for bath time. Allows you to bathe baby in the sink or place on the baby tub.

baby items

Super comfortable and protects the baby from cold surfaces.

Vicks Starry Night Cold Mist Humidifier

Projects moon and stars on the ceiling while alternating colors. Soothes baby while keeping moisture in the air.

Back seat mirror

Perfect for seeing your bundle of joy in a rear-facing car seat.

baby items

For trips to the doctor or grocery when it’s just you and your little, there’s comfort in being able to see them in the rearview mirror.

Wubbanub Pacifier

I ended up with two of these, one for home and the other in the diaper bag for traveling.

The attachments keep them from falling out of the baby’s mouth and rolling away and they are easier to find since its more than just a pacifier.

Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor

Visual monitor that notifies you after 20 seconds if your infant stops breathing.

baby items

Keeps track of the temperature in the room and baby movement so you get a good night’s sleep. Well, at least a couple of hours without constantly worrying.

Baby Food Storage Tray

If breastfeeding, this freezes and stores milk in 1-ounce cubes.

Silicone allows for easy removal of the cube and it goes into the bottle easily.

baby items

Can also be used later on to freeze homemade baby food.

Swing or Bouncer

This allowed me to have a morning shower without rushing. Baby would get a fresh diaper, fully belly, then swing time.

I recommend one that runs off batteries or can be plugged in, because lets face it, those batteries won’t last forever.

Baby Dome

baby items

Diaper Paste Spatula

baby items


Floor Seat

baby items

Baby Carrier

baby items


These items we’re a must-have and I would put them on my registry every time. Don’t get stuck without them when your bundle of joy gets here!

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