New Kitten List: Survive The First 24 Hours

Kittens are so much fun and the best way to start them off right is with a new kitten list. This list contains everything you need from toys to the litter box. Here, we’ll even get into surviving the first 24 hours and what kind of litter is best for you and your cat.

The first 24 hours with a kitten is the hardest as they are trying to adapt to their new surroundings. Lucky for you I have compiled this new kitten checklist to make your lives easier so you can focus more on your relationship. And the utter cuteness of your new pouncing fur baby.

new kitten list

New Kitten List

Favorite Toys

new kitten list

Catnip containers

Move on their own toys


Cat litter is the material needed for your cat to use the restroom. Its a domesticated way to replicate what your cat would have done in the wild. In the wild they would have found a soft spot of dirt to dig into and do their business, but being inside they get to use a nice smelling litter box.

The best cat litter is one that works for both of you. Your cat would like all-natural, but if they’re going to be indoor then you may want something that will control odors.

There are hacks to controlling the track and scatter of litter. Kittens are going to play in the litter box and as they get older it will scatter further. These tips will keep the litter in the litter box.

Quality Food

There’s a lot that goes into food. This particular article is on dog food, but it goes the same for cat food. The main point to take away is to look at the top 3 ingredients on the back (or side) of the bag. Make sure it has an actual meat and isn’t filled with corn, water, or by-products first.

Surviving the first 24 hours

To make a smooth transition with your kitten, it’s best to start them out in a room that they can consider their own. This will be known to them as their safe place and will contain food/water and their litter box. As they learn their new home and what fun things lurk around it, it’s best for them to have somewhere to run until they learn it’s not so scary after all.

Depending on the personality of your kitten, they may not have to spend a lot of time in this room. If they have an open personality and want to spend their time with you and exploring, it’s okay to let them. Just remind them every couple of hours where their litter box and bowls are.

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