New Mom Tips: Make Life Easier

There’s no grace when you become a first time mom, but for the most part, it comes naturally. We all struggle with the daily duties of Mom life. There’s no instruction manual they hand you at birth. I hope these new mom tips will make life a little easier for you.

Okay, so maybe someone did write an Instruction Manual On Babies. You can read about Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance of newborns. But, they’re not going to teach you everything, some things you just have to figure out on your own.

Like for me, it was learning that nasal sprays are meant to stay right side up and not be dropped in baby’s nose like an eyedropper. In my defense it was 4 am and I just wanted my baby to breathe and I used a snot sucker immediately after. (facepalm.)

Learn from my mistakes. Here are some things to make life a little simpler as a new mom.

New Mom Tips: Make Life Easier

New Mom Tips

First off- Saline spray is meant to stay upright and misted into the baby’s nose. Not flipped over and dripped in. (I learned the hard way.)

Reusable prefold diapers work so much better for burp cloths.

Always start a diaper change with the new diaper under the baby for a quick change. Check out How Not To Get Peed On By Boys!

Throw soiled clothes or blankets immediately into the wash or into cold water to prevent staining.

Take off a onesie using the shoulder flaps instead of the bottom snaps

Straight-jacket baby before changing by rolling onesie up over the arms

This diaper cream brush is a lifesaver for spreading diaper rash cream evenly and keeping it off your fingers

Glow in the dark pacifiers are amazing at nights

Check milk temperature by dripping some on your wrist.

Trim baby nails while they’re sleeping

Use tape on speakers of loud toys

Keep pacifiers clean with 1 oz portion cups. You could also wash some sauce cups from restaurants.

Don’t waste wipes on a blow-out. Just use it as an excuse for bath time if you’re home.

Zippers are better than buttons when it comes to jammies

Haakaa’s help with producing more milk while breastfeeding.

You’ll get sleep with a swaddle sack. – You don’t have to worry about blankets getting up around their face and they feel like they’re in the womb.

Check water temperature for baths with your elbow.

DIY your own hands-free pumping bra by cutting holes in an old/cheap sports bra. * This will save you a lot of money.

Help with cradle cap by putting breast milk on the baby’s head for 10-15 minutes and rinsing off.

Aquaphor is great for diaper rash, cradle cap spots, dry skin, dry cracked nipples from breastfeeding, and so. much. more.

Use a crib sheet to cover the pack-n-play when you take it outside for shade and keep bugs out.

Pool noodles on doors keep toddlers from closing doors and smashing fingers.

pool noodle door stopper

You can use cheap dog collars for baby-proofing cabinets.

Save 20% on diapers with Amazon Prime and even more if you have a registry with them. Check out Baby Registry Hacks Here! You can start a 30-day FREE trial with Prime HERE.

Throw baby socks into a small laundry bag to make sure they all come out together and don’t get lost.

Get more done while babywearing with a baby wrap.

Baby’s actually do like white noise machines. It’s similar to what it sounds like in the womb.

Diapers work backward for when hands start to undo them

Do your shopping online.

Take advantage of grocery pick-up.

Don’t google what milestones your child should have hit. Everyone learns and grows at their own pace.

Always buy clothes in the next size up. They stay in one size for like 3 weeks… No kidding.

Prepare for sick days before they arrive.

Bath time works better right before bed.

Baby wipes can be used for so much more than baby bums–> Baby Wipe Uses

There you have it, my new mom tips! You’re going to do great, Mama. The fact that you’re preparing with tips says a lot! What other tips have you come across or have heard about?

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