Pet Names To Avoid: They’ll Thank You For It

Your pet can’t speak for themselves, but I’m sure if they could they would have their own personal list of pet names to avoid. Here’s a list of pet names to avoid because they’re overused or they are bad luck as told by someone who sees hundreds of pets with these names. I want your pet to stand out among the rest!

Naming your pet is the next hardest thing to naming your first born child. Maybe your pet is your child. Either way, you want them to have the best name.

Pet Names To Avoid #overusedpetnames






pet names to avoid







pet names to avoid

Callie- if your cat is a calico

Photo by Google Images.


There you have it. A list of pet names to avoid. If you’re absolutely in love with one of those names then don’t let me stop you, but your Veterinarian, groomer, and pet daycare workers will thank you for avoiding these names. We see hundreds of animals with these particular names and they eventually blend together. I’m suggesting give your pet a name to stand out!

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Pet Names To Avoid #pets #newpet #newpuppy #newkitten

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