Potty Training Boys: How To Make It Fun

For some parents, potty training boys can be really easy and for others, it can be the worst. The best place to start is how to make potty training fun for boys. How you go about things sets the foundation for potty training. The best foundation is one that they enjoy and look forward to.

potty training boys

There are various things you can do to make potty training boys fun and exciting.


Whether you start off giving prizes for just using the potty or when they go so far on the chart, prizes are a big deal. These can be toys from the Dollar Tree or candies that your child enjoys. I went after Easter and loaded up on holiday candy and candy filled Easter eggs. My boy loved getting an Easter egg for going to the potty and learning what kind of surprise it contained.


Potty targets have turned potty training into a game. Place these biodegradable targets in the toilet when your boy is ready to go and let him aim! When he hits the target, he gets a prize and you get excited because he’s using the potty.

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Progress Charts

Progress charts track progress and allow rewards for a job well done. There are plenty of different styles to choose from so your little boy takes an interest in what is happening on the potty chart.

Sesame Street Elmo Potty Training Book Super Set For Toddlers — Includes Progress Chart, Poster, Reward Stickers and Bonus Sesame Storybooks (ABC, Colors, Rhymes, Bedtime)


Now they have these amazing little watches for toddlers that act as both watches and timers. You can set it to go off however so often that you like. And the best part, if they’re not wearing it then it doesn’t go off.

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Other Item To Consider For Potty Training Boys

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In the end, you can have charts, prizes, and make it so much fun. You can have it all and do everything you can, but if they’re not ready then they’re just not ready. Don’t worry though! They will get there and you putting forth the effort to make potty training boys fun shows that you’re an amazing parent and you will be ready when they are.

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