Potty Training While Traveling: On The Go Tips

Potty training a toddler while traveling can be intimidating. Potty training alone can be rough if your child absolutely refuses. Trying to travel in the middle of potty training can go smooth if you have the right tools, tips and a good plan in mind. We’re going to go over a plan to have before you leave the house and the tools you’ll need to help keep your toddler comfortable while traveling.

Potty Training While Traveling

The Plan To Potty Train While Traveling

Try To Potty Before You Leave

Before you hit the road, start with an empty bladder. This will give you a clean slate to start on.

Stop Consistently

For positive results, you’ll want to stop around an hour to hour and a half to let your toddler use the bathroom. This time can vary depending on when your toddler is used to going, but around an hour is a good time to start with. If your toddler is a napper then they’ll need to use the bathroom whenever they get up.

Be Prepared For Accidents

The Tools For Potty Training While Traveling

Potty Training Watch

A potty training watch has a timer that will count down however often you tell it to. Starting off I would have it go off every hour to make sure my toddler would try to go to the bathroom. On our 5 hour drive it would remind me that we needed to stop every hour or so, so that we didn’t have any accidents.

Portable Step Stool

A small step stool helps little bodies get up to an adult potty easier. It especially helps little boys get up at the right angle so they’re not peeing everywhere or touching the toilet. I have a step stool that doesn’t fold up and I wish I had one that did. Taking it with you will also help turn the destination potty into a toddler-friendly potty with items they are comfortable with.

Portable Urinal For Boys

This may seem like a crazy and gross thing. But. While I was going through training with my son I was desperate to try anything and everything that he would get excited about. Out of all the different potty ideas that I bought, this was included. This is a potty training while traveling must-have! During our long ride, I wasn’t always able to be close to a bathroom. Especially during a pandemic. So, this item gave me the ability to pull over in a parking lot and keep my toddler nice and dry. It took a little coaxing to get him comfortable with it, but now that he is, it has been a lifesaver when I’m in a pickle.

Portable Potty Seat

This comes in a small carrying bag. It folds up and can fit in a diaper bag or small backpack. I love that it folds open to fit on any toilet. It makes things easier when you go into public restrooms. This portable seat doesn’t help keep those small hands off the toilet seat though, unfortunately. It does help your toddler feel comfortable going on an adult potty at your destination. Keeping things they are familiar with will make them more confident about the process.

Car Seat Protector

A car seat liner will protect the car seat from any accidents that may happen along the way. And, in our case, protects it from vomit from car sickness. The best thing about these is that they come in a two pack and are machine washable.


These on-the-go tips for potty training while traveling will keep your toddler on the right track to being in underwear and out of pull-ups. I hope you gained confidence in reading this and that it has prepared you in the best way. Accidents may happen, but if you go into your trip focused on stops and having them use the bathroom, then you will be ready. Where are you headed? I’d love to hear about it!

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