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Pregnancy Week 13

pregnancy week 13


Is the size of a HAMSTER 

Has unique fingerprints at this point. Is now weighing in at 25 grams.


Hello, second trimester!

Hopefully your morning/noon/night sickness and nausea has gone away at this point. Normally it dissipates before the second trimester but I have had pregnant friends that had it the entire time. I pray that is not you. 

If you have morning sickness, you may have noticed everyone has a remedy for it. Every woman’s morning sickness is different and every pregnancy is different. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor that gave me a sample of Diclegis. A little miracle nausea pill specifically for pregnant women, ask your Doctor about it if they haven’t said anything about it 

At this point are your hair and nails may be amazing at this point. Usually with the prenatal vitamins your hair stops shedding and your nails strengthen up. There’s something to be positive about with pregnancy!

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