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Pregnancy Week 15

pregnancy week 15
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Is the size of a GREY MOUSE LEMUR. 

Can sense light and pressure from outside the womb, they can also feel vibrations, so get to singing or playing music through headphones placed on your belly. Or whatever it is you feel like doing to let your kid know who you are 

If you have an ultrasound this week you may notice bones are forming.


May be experiencing some different symptoms than what you had going on in the first trimester. Such as sinus congestion or stuffy nose, especially if you are pregnant in the Spring or if you live in Kentucky. Because Kentucky is a bowl and we suffer from allergies year-round. Thank goodness for an essential oil diffuser! 

Possible nose bleeds with the extra blood flowing and allergies 

Diet- don’t change your entire diet just for baby. You do need more because you are growing another human, but letting your body tell you what you need is okay. Incorporate a few tasty, highly nutritious snacks throughout the day.

You may have a dark line starting to run down the center of your belly. This line is the linea nigra, it’s usually ¼ to ½ inch wide and stretches vertically from your belly button to your pubis. It generally shows up around the 5th month of pregnancy and has no purpose with pregnancy. Just another weird symptom of hormones. It will fade after you give birth. 

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