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Pregnancy Week 16

pregnancy week 16


Is the size of a BOX TURTLE 

Baby has fingernails and toenails by week 16 and is making sucking motions with their mouth.


Hopefully, now that you’re in pregnancy week 16 you don’t have any symptoms remaining from the first trimester and are loving being pregnant 

Probably peeing all the time…

Having very clear but crazy dreams. Don’t think too much into them, it’s the hormones messing with your nerves, and your constant thinking during this pregnancy 

The big milestone this week is that you MIGHT be able to feel your baby move. Any time between 16 and 20 weeks of being pregnant is when your baby is big enough to make a difference on your insides. You will soon feel those backflips your child has been doing in there. 

The first movement will be quick and it may take you a second to realize it, but it’s usually a little flitter or butterfly like sensation or like bubbles have run up the inside of your belly. Very cool, but kinda freaky if you’re not expecting it. 

Be patient, it is coming and once it does, you’ll get plenty of it. Mostly while you’re sleeping.

You’ll be able to start bonding with your baby over the next couple of weeks. As their senses start to develop, you’ll be able to notice your baby reacting to sounds, lights, and touch. You may start feeling hiccups. You’ll be able to sense your baby’s sleep times and when they’re active. Like right before you go to bed!

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