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Pregnancy Week 19

pregnancy week 19


Is the size of a HEDGEHOG

Baby has Vernix Caseous coating their body. This is a waxy material that becomes a protective barrier for their skin. The Vernix keeps them from pruning, getting wrinkles and scratching themselves.


Focus on relaxation– relaxation and focusing on breathing are effective in decreasing stress and tension. In labor, focusing on breathing and relaxation break the fear-tension-pain cycle and decrease how much pain you feel. Movement, massage, and water therapy are other comfort measures for labor.

Last week we talked about getting away from the stress and relaxing, focusing on conscious breathing and self-relaxation can help in day-to-day stress, prepare you for labor, and after baby arrives.

Now is a good time to get started on your baby registry if you haven’t already. Amazon takes the perks of every baby registry and combines them into one. Read Baby Registry Hacks about everything you can get out of their registry, when to purchase it and how to get the most after baby is born.

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