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Pregnancy Week 2

pregnancy week 2


Still nonexistent at this point

I firmly believe a man created the pregnancy calendar because the actual math from point of conception to giving birth is not 40 weeks. That’s right, at the point you conceive you are already 2 entire weeks pregnant.  

Ovulation plays a big part of it, and it can sometimes be tricky to know exactly when implantation happened, but your first ultrasound will be able to give you a better idea.

Not really, going back to “a man created the pregnancy calendar,” instead of actually figuring it out they go by your last period and say, “Okay, that was day 1.” He just wanted it to be easy. 


May have no idea you’re about to be pregnant. Or…

You are probably taking your temperature, taking ovulation prediction tests, charting dates? You may just be hoping, or going about things the old-fashion way. Maybe you’re holding your partner’s hand at the fertility clinic. 

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