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Pregnancy Week 20

Pregnancy Week 20


Is the size of a LEAST WEASEL

Or a sweet potato if you’re more of a food person. Is about 6-7 inches long at this point. Your ultrasound this week should be able to tell you if your little one is a boy or girl if you want to know!


Are 5 months pregnant at this point and have 4 left to go! Woo hoo, on the downhill slope. If only it were easy like that. You’re actually halfway, at the top of the hill. 20 weeks down and 20 left to go. You’re doing great!

You may be feeling all of baby’s punches and kicks this week. These movements can actually be seen if you lay on your back and watch.

You may notice your hair and nails getting thicker and fuller thanks to Misses Hormones doing all her witchery. You may have strong cravings now that the nausea and food aversions are behind you. Well, hopefully they’re behind you at this point.

Labor- trust your body. Trust Yourself. Pregnancy and birth are normal processes for a woman’s body. It’s something we can’t control unless we intervene. Pregnancy and birth are things that will happen all on their own.

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