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Pregnancy Week 21

pregnancy week 21


Is the size of a MEERKAT

Baby can now swallow and is covered in lanugo. Which, is a fine hair they will lose most of right before birth. Has karate skills now and is kicking and flipping everywhere. Not only can you feel it, but you can see it now.


I think the best advice I could give you is DO NOT WATCH BIRTHING VIDEOS. Okay, that may be a little harsh, but a lot of times they do more harm than good. When I watched one, yeah I only watched one- I decided pregnancy was no longer for me and birthing this crotch goblin was out of the question.

But seriously, unless you know they are depicted of safe and healthy births, don’t do it. The wrong videos can scare you, make you tense, and stress. We don’t need that. The ideal video should inspire you and give you confidence. It should empower you to achieve a healthy birth. If it doesn’t, turn it off, immediately.

A few weeks ago we talked about starting your baby registry. This week it is everything you need on your registry! Baby Registry Checklist has everything to consider for baby’s first couple of years. There’s even a free print out so you can check things off and some of my recommendations! Don’t go a day without a baby bum spatula, for real- put it on your list.

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