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Pregnancy Week 22

pregnancy week 22


Is the size of a GUINEA PIG

Baby has hit a huge milestone this week by hitting the 1 pound mark. They are also able to grip. There’s not much in there to get ahold of, but toes and the umbilical cord. Don’t worry though, that cord is super tough.


Ultrasound photos will start looking like what you imagine a baby to look like.

Prepare your younger children and pets living with you. Have a plan in place for introducing your baby to the family. We’ll talk more about this in week 34.

You may be dealing with people wanting to touch your belly now that you’re oh-so-obviously pregnant. I wish I had advice to give you on this other than to wear a shirt that says, “DON’T TOUCH THE BELLY.”

I hope you don’t come across any strangers that feel it’s okay to touch you.

Oh yeah, and more Baby items, Specific Needed Items.

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