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Pregnancy Week 24

pregnancy week 24


Is the size of an ATLANTIC PUFFIN.

Baby is 1 foot long from head to toe and weights in at about 1.5 pounds. We are now weighing in pounds! Their finger prints and footprints are nearly complete for their identity.


Pitting. Edema. During my second trimester I started to notice swelling. This swelling was caused by my growing baby and uterus putting a lot of pressure on my lymphatic and circulatory system.

If you find yourself with swelling there are things you can do to support your body. Compression socks are amazing! But you can also cut back on your salt intake, stay off your feet, and drink more water.

If you haven’t looked into them already childbirth classes can pass the time. Childbirth education, Lamaze classes can be empowering. They can also be informative, insightful, and provide you with a network of other expecting parents. But only if they match your values. Do your research and find what works best for you. 

Top Selling Baby Items: 5 Stars On Amazon because Mom’s have a hard time living without these. Make sure they’re on your list.

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