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Pregnancy Week 25

pregnancy week 25


Is the size of a PARROT

Baby can have the hiccups now and can be felt. They can also get startled easy and may jump if they get scared.


Sleep- you may be feeling more tired as the weeks go on. The lack of sleep may be part of it if you’re already uncomfortable, but your body is using a lot more energy than usual. This is also your body’s way of preparing you for the fourth trimester.

Yep, you read that right. The fourth trimester is the first couple weeks after the baby is born and you’re still recovering from labor and birth, and getting used to your entirely new life. It’s not a true medical term, it’s just a Pinterest thing… for real, Pinterest it!

Making a big change right after baby is born? Maybe moving due to work or house too small with all the baby stuff? I might have been the only one to have a baby and then move, but it had to be done. Check out Move With A Baby: Tips For Making A Big Change if you may have to pack right after baby is born or have to make a trip.

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