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Pregnancy Week 31

pregnancy week 31


Is the size of an OTTER

Weighs about 3 pounds or more. Eyes can focus now and know the difference of light and dark. They are probably sucking their thumb if you have an ultrasound.

Baby is starting to regulate their own temperature, so they won’t have to depend on the amniotic fluid to keep them warm.


Probably feel like there is no more room for baby to grow anymore and are probably ready to be done. Or are still loving pregnancy? You are a rare breed if you’re still loving every minute.

You have probably peed on yourself by now or are used to having daily leaks from baby’s kicking and moving. Boobs may be growing more if you find them itchy. If you are worried about them getting stretch marks be sure to moisturize and drink plenty of fluids.

Who would you like to have at your birth? This may seem like a loaded question, but you need to think about it. I wanted to be alone because I’m self conscious, but that is not an option. There’s going to be so many people in that room you’re going to feel like a zoo animal on display.

So, surround yourself with supportive people, those that are going to ease your stress, and help coach you through giving birth.

Please, Don’t Kiss The Baby– RSV Is Real

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