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Pregnancy Week 32

pregnancy week 32


Is the size of an ARMADILLO

Baby has a great chance of survival if they’re born from this point forward. They’ll spend time in the NICU if born premature, but they have a high chance of going home. They have also developed a strong enough nervous system that they can regulate body temperature for themselves.


What if you have to have an intervention? Not the kind where you get blindsided by a bunch of people who want to emotionally support you, but the procedure or treatment to find, prevent, or fix a problem. Like an episiotomy or C-section that wasn’t in the birthing plan?

I had to have an episiotomy, because my 6 pound baby was actually 9 pounds at 38 weeks and the choice was either to cut or tear. Not that I was too concerned at the time because I opted for an epidural, but I would’ve been, had I tried to go all natural.

I feel like I got a Vaginoplasty out of it. That may be a little TMI, but just trying to look at the positive side of things and keep you prepared.

One thing that may concern you after baby is born is the congestion. With a newborn its hard to tell if they have allergies, fluid still in their chest, or something else going on.

Baby Congestion: Help Baby Breathe Better

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