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Pregnancy Week 33

pregnancy week 33


Is the size of a FERRET

Has a full set of lungs at this point. Is almost 4 pounds. Baby has all 5 senses and isn’t doing much other than gaining weight. Their skulls will stay soft so they can easily slide through the birth canal, but will harden over the first two years of life.


With a protruding belly, you are probably having a hard time sleeping and getting comfortable. You may have forgotten what your toes look like at this point, especially if you have twins. If you’re having back trouble, backbends can relieve tension or while standing you can put your hands on your back and stretch.

Peeing, peeing, and more peeing. Does it feel like you’re living in the bathroom now?

Leg swelling- if your baby is putting pressure on pelvic nerves, you might find yourself with leg swelling from poor circulation.

It would be a good idea to go ahead and register with hospital. Most will give tours of the delivery suites and give you a run down of where to go when you go into labor. They may allow you to go ahead and fill out paper work so there is less to do when you show up.

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