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Pregnancy Week 34

pregnancy week 34


Is the size of a QUOKKA

Has a full set of fingernails to the tips of their fingers and the vernix is thicker than before.

They may be running out of room, don’t worry though because your body will adjust. This just means that their big kicks and punches may not be as active, but you’ll still feel their wiggles and stretches.


At 34 weeks your body may start preterm labor. This isn’t something we want. Signs of preterm labor include:

  • increase in discharge
  • change in vaginal discharge- bloody, mucousy, or real watery
  • regular/frequent contractions that will not go away
  • a dull backache that is constant no matter what you do

What about your pets? If you have pets, now is a good time to start preparing them for the big change that is about to come. Read How To Prepare Pets For A Newborn so they aren’t as shocked when baby gets here. You may also play Youtube videos of crying babies, so they get the full effect.

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