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Pregnancy Week 36

Pregnancy week 36


Is the size of a CHIHUAHUA

Weighs between 5 and 6 pounds and has a pink, chubby appearance. Is about 20 inches long and is running out of space in your uterus.


You are in your 9th month of pregnancy! Only a few more weeks to go. Your doctor may talk to you about counting kicks at this point to access fetal health. They also determine if your baby is breech and make some suggestions on what to do about it.

You may notice extra pressure on your bladder and pelvis now that baby barely has room and has no where to go but downwards. It will get worse as you get closer to your due date. Your doctor may check your cervix to see if there’s any thinning or preparation going on.

Other than that- more Braxton Hicks Contractions, more peeing, more swelling, more eating, more water, more back pain, and less sleep.

Take in all the tips you can. Trust me there will be something that you’ll think “why didn’t someone tell me this?” New Mom Tips: Make Life Easier

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