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Pregnancy Week 38

pregnancy week 38


Is the size of a POMERANIAN

Is considered full term at this point. Fully done cooking.


End game baby! FULL TERM.

You need to have everything done and ready for baby at this point. Like seriously, I said it before but if you’re a procrastinator- you need to have it done now. Have your checklist complete, nursery set up and everything washed as this baby could come at any moment.

This week you may still be gaining weight, have swollen ankles, peeing constantly. Maybe you’re wearing pads now from all the leaks? I know your bladder is done being squished all the time.

Signs that you are in labor:

  • nausea/vomiting
  • shortness of breath
  • consistent time block between cramps
  • unable to stop cramps by eating, taking a bath, or going for a walk
  • Feel the urge to push

When my labor started I wasn’t sure and I spent hours searching Google for the answer of, “Should I go to the hospital?” I even called the hospital and still never got the answer I was looking for. So, here’s my answer for you.

If you are still able to scroll through Google looking for answers and are still questioning if you should go to the hospital, then you’re not ready. When those contractions start to bring tears to your eyes and you can’t talk through them, that is the time to go to the hospital.

I had a 40 minute drive to the hospital and I was so concerned that I would have my baby on the side of the road. Even when you can’t talk through those contractions you still have hours. Seriously, hours.

Sometimes babies can get constipated in the first couple weeks of life whether they are breastfed for formula. Be prepared with these Constipation Remedies For Babies: 10 Solutions. It will give you things to have on hand and what you can do from home before heading to the doctor. You’ll also learn when to start worrying as Mom life becomes all about the poop.

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