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Pregnancy Week 4

pregnancy week 4


Is a speck of glitter at this point


Finally missed your period 

Might have sore boobs and blotchy skin, oh and headaches

Are probably peeing on sticks 

Need to stay hydrated, drink lots of water- will keep cramping away. 

Let me just say that the very expensive tests give the same results as the one-dollar tests on the Dollar store shelves. You’re going to buy at least 5 anyway, right? Well at least I did, the excitement and adrenaline from the first positive test after 10 seconds weren’t enough. I needed to drink and pee on at least another 4 pregnancy tests to make sure that positive was a true positive.

You can take a test one day after your missed period.

Estrogen is the hormone causing your boobs to hurt and swell. It also causes your uterus to swell to protect your fertilized egg.

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