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Pregnancy Week 5

pregnancy week 5


Is the size of a DOT SNAIL 

Is tiney-tiny and about 2mm long. Is starting a brain and spinal column and their heart will start beating some time this week


Are totally, completely pregnant. 

Taking prenatal vitamins every day 

Probably have sore boobs and so tired 


Time to stop whatever it is you do that is not healthy for the baby. Smoking, drinking, ingesting illicit things, or anything that is going to give your child withdrawal once born. 

Finding a Doctor: Go with someone you are comfortable with. Do your homework. My Doctor was a veterinarian before he became an OBGYN, so coming from the veterinary field I felt I was in good hands. 

Being totally pregnant at this point, it is good to stay away from bacteria. Be sure to read Cleaning The Litter Box While Pregnant if you have cats to know why you should avoid cleaning them.

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