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Pregnancy Week 6

pregnancy week 6


Is the size of a LADY BUG 

Is growing a nose, some ears and a mouth 

Growing little arm and leg nubs. 


May be feeling the morning sickness 


Having to pee all the time 

Feeling the hormones, oh those dang hormones 

Food cravings and/or food aversions. What you liked before may make you want to puke now.  

Weight gain or weight loss is fine at this point. Don’t stress either way right now. Talk with your doctor if you are concerned, I do believe you’ll start gaining weight shortly though. 

First Doctor’s Appt- Every doctor is different, but if they take an ultrasound this week, you’ll get to see your baby’s heartbeat and get those adorable little pictures that you’ll be so excited to show everyone and really have no idea what you’re showing other than a little circle. It’s still exciting though and everyone is excited for you. 

Your chance of miscarriage at this point drops to 10-15%. At 10 weeks the risk is only 3%, but at this point it is still a very low chance. 

They may be able to measure and give you an idea of the baby’s gestational age. Keep in mind that ultrasounds are just a prediction to run off of and are not reliable. Throughout my pregnancy they estimated my baby to be no more than 6.5-7# but he was born 9# at 38 weeks. 

Try to rest. It’s nothing but pregnancy and you trying to grow a human. Your body has completely focused on that and has no energy for anything else but surviving. 

If you’re concerned about stretch marks. Take a look at Prevent Stretch Marks: 3 Simple Solutions. Now is a good time to start applying lotion and preparing your skin for what is about to happen to it over the next couple months.

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