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Pregnancy Week 7

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pregnancy week 7



Has a 2 chambered heart, lungs, and is working on growing a brain. Their face is getting some definition. Arms and legs are more like fins.


Definitely feeling the morning sickness and realizing it has nothing to do with the morning. It’s afternoon, night and all the times in between. 

Sensitive to smells 

The burning of your heart 

At this point if you haven’t told everyone you’re probably dying to. You may be looking in the mirror thinking you’re showing. Relaxing and sucking it in to decide if it’s the baby or you’re bloated. It’s that ½ inch baby, wink* wink*. 

Although your uterus has doubled in size at this point. 

If the morning sickness seems to much to bare or you can’t find a way to get it to stop. My Doctor gave me a sample of a nausea medicine specifically for pregnant women called Diclegis.  

This little pill was my saving grace and made my first trimester go so much smoother than it would have. Snacking constantly does help and peppermint, whether you suck on peppermint or use essential oils to rub on the back of your neck. 

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