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Pregnancy Week 8

pregnancy week 8


Is the size of a PYGMY SEAHORSE 

Is growing fingers, toes, elbows knees and all the little joints they need to wiggle 

Almost no longer has a tail


Are probably over this first trimester by now if it is going terrible.


Are fully in love with being pregnant and enjoying every bit of it. 

I personally didn’t mind being pregnant until the middle of the second trimester when… nevermind, we’ll get to that later. I was good until then, then I hated being pregnant. 

At this point if you haven’t had a prenatal visit you need to get one scheduled ASAP. The first prenatal visit generally consists of a urine test to check for UTIs, maybe some blood tests and lots of questions about your family’s history. 

Your blood tests will give your doctor all the basics they need to know (std’s, immunity from vaccines, blood type, blood count, and how your organs look, etc.) It will let them know if they need to do any further genetic testing for the baby. 

They may do an ultrasound or just hear your baby’s heartbeat with a doppler. It’s not as exciting as finding out the sex, but it’s AMAZING if you haven’t heard or seen anything yet. 

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