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Pregnancy Week 9

pregnancy week 9



Has grown webbed fingers and toes, eyelids and ears (but can’t open them or hear yet). 

Has grown either boy or girl parts 


Are Tired. Very tired. Or have so much energy that you don’t know what to do with it.

You are nauseous but hungry and are either hormonal, or cranky, or both. Probably both.

May have met your sciatic nerve at this point. That lovely sharp pain in your ass, literally, that goes down the back of your legs. It’s caused by your uterus putting pressure on the nerve. Stretching specifically for this nerve sometimes help, but generally finding a way to get your uterus off the nerve is the only way to help. I guess when stretching It moves the uterus off the nerve, maybe? Yeah, let’s go with that. 

You may have gained some weight. The average pregnancy books say you should gain no more than 31 pounds. Some ladies might think that’s outrageous. 

I think it’s all genetic and varies from woman to woman. Some might obtain fluid during their pregnancy, while others are lucky enough to barely gain the 31 pounds and still have a beautifully healthy 8-pound baby. 

Do your best, it will be enough. After baby is born, everything you ate will NOT matter. 

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