Puppy Pee Pad Ideas

Puppy pee pads give puppies and adult dogs the option to use the bathroom indoors. They also work well for potty training if a puppy is having a hard time understanding where is acceptable to use the bathroom. If you’ve had a puppy or puppies before you are probably familiar with disposable puppy pee pads, but there are other puppy pee pad ideas that dogs love and are more exciting to use.

puppy pee pad ideas

Why not just a pee pad?

Putting a disposable pee pad down by itself can have some issues. The most common are:

  • Missing the pee pad
  • Destroyed easily
  • Pups can come off with wet paws
  • Not pleasing to the human eye

Missing the pee pad

Sniffing and circling happen when dogs go to use the bathroom. They have to smell and find a good spot, then they’ll circle to get in the right position. Sometimes that’s hard to do with a pee pad and if the pad is not large enough they can miss it and end up going on the floor. Which is less than ideal. This indoor dog potty tray keeps them from missing the pad.

puppy pee pad ideas

Being destroyed easily

The first thing new puppies learn when introduced to a puppy pee pad is how easily they tear up. Which to them, is a lot of fun and they now see it as a toy rather than a place to use the bathroom. If the pad gets destroyed, the pee pad can no longer be used and now the pup no longer has a place to eliminate. To prevent the pee pad from getting torn up, our previous potty tray is an option or an artificial grass tray will hide the pee pad beautifully.

puppy pee pad ideas

Coming off with wet paws

Puppy pee pads are absorbable, but some brands don’t absorb the urine fast enough. Urine not being absorbed fast enough leads to some wet paws as your pup walks through it and also leaves urine prints across floors and/or absorbing into rugs/carpets. Getting something to go over the pee pad helps get paws away from the urine and allows the pad more time to absorb. This awesome dog potty tray is a simple idea to keep urine off their feet.

puppy pee pad ideas

Not pleasing to the human eye

Just like porta-johns are unpleasant to look at, puppy pee pads are equivalent. After the pads have been used once or twice, your pup’s elimination spot becomes an eyesore in the home. A puppy pee pad tray with walls can keep their eliminations partially hidden. Making their potty space not so much of an eye-sore.

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Conclusion to Puppy Pee Pad Ideas

These puppy pee pad ideas are great alternatives and can help make puppy potty training easier. My favorite is the false grass covers, but it really comes down to what works for you and your pup. Check out some of these other ideas to see if they would work better for you!

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puppy pee pad ideas

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puppy pee pad ideas

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puppy pee pad ideas

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puppy pee pad ideas


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