Puppy Teething: Tips And Tools To Get Through It

Puppies go through everything babies do with teething. You’ll see them go through a stage where they want to put everything in their mouths and chew on everything just to get the pain to stop.

Around 16 weeks of age, adult teeth will start making their way in and pushing those baby teeth out. This will continue til around 7 to 8 months the puppy should have lost all of their baby teeth.

That’s a long time to be teething if you convert puppy years to human years and is a crucial time to train the pup properly. During this time the pup needs to learn from you what is acceptable to chew on. They’re learning what feels good to chew on and if not trained properly will get bored and take to chewing everything as an adult.

This is where you take control so they don’t end up chewing on chair legs, shoes, anything, and everything. Are you prepared for chewing? You will be after this.

Tips To Help Puppy Teething. Get all the hacks for handling puppy teething.
Puppy Teething: Tips And Tools To Get Through It #puppyteething #puppyteethingtips #puppyteethingtools

How do you know when you’re pup has started teething? As soon as they start putting their mouths on anything. Whether that be toys or sticks, as soon as they start putting their mouth on something other than food, the teething has begun.

Symptoms of Puppy Teething

  • low-grade fever
  • chewing
  • drooling
  • poor appetite
  • swollen gums
  • bleeding- you may notice small spots of blood on toys

 Puppy teething symptoms vary. You may see none, a few, or all of them and they may be mild or excessive.

How To Correct

The best thing you can do when you notice puppy teething is to stop using your hands as toys. When puppies start playing we find it fun to rub on them and start playing with them using our hands. In return, they start using their mouths on our hands. If this continues they will see that it is okay for their mouths to be on human hands and the long term result will be biting hands and thinking they’re playing.

If you catch them chewing on something that they shouldn’t be, give a firm and stern “NO” and replace it with a chew toy that is okay.

Toys To Use For Puppy Teething:

KONG brand is my absolute favorite. They have different strengths for those pups that are just starting out(pink or blue) or if you need something for your adult dog that will shred just about anything(black). They have different styles and most have a place that you can add treats or a little peanut butter to keep your pet entertained for a while.

Chews & Gels

No-Chew Items

Puppy teething can be very stressful for the pet as well as you, the owner. The best thing you can do is be prepared for when your pup starts teething.

We want to redirect that chewing to something acceptable and NEVER let them use your hands. It may be fun to use your hands to play with them, but the first time they use their mouth you’ll want to stop immediately.

Allowing them to chew on hands introduces them to biting and lets them know that they can put their mouths on you. Stay ahead of it. You’ve got this!

Trouble Chewers

Sometimes we try to redirect biting and the pup just doesn’t get it, I like to call these the “trouble chewers.” On areas you don’t want them chewing you can make a paste out of water and cayenne pepper to apply to the bottoms of chairs or corners of furniture. If that doesn’t work you can always use the “No Chew Items.”

I’d love to answer any questions you may have! Have a trouble pup or something that worked for you while your pup with teething? Let’s talk!

Puppy Teething: Tips And Tools To Get Through It #puppyteething #puppyteethingtips #puppyteethingtools
Puppy Teething: Tips And Tools To Get Through It #puppyteething #puppyteethingtips #puppyteethingtools

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